Trove Overview – Another Parody Of Minecraft

All known Minecraft for their success forever changed the world of indie games. The game was created by only one person, and the result was incredible popularity and revenue comparable to a conveyor giant. Of course, many studios began to play one-on-one faceless clones of Minecraft, bringing something of their own into the game that they think will make the game better, but nobody succeeded in repeating the success of the original.

Trove - another parody of Minecraft, but in turn, it is not a copy, but only borrows some elements, such as construction and visual stylistics. First of all, it should be noted that Trove is a MMORPG with a huge universe consisting of separate multiplayer worlds. The developer is the studio Trion Worlds, known for such a game as Rift.

The gameplay is represented by a journey through procedurally generated worlds of varying complexity. Each of the worlds is designed for a certain level of players, respectively, in it you will meet the mobs that will be in your power, as well as items that suit you in the level. Conventionally, the items are divided in colors, as in most MMOs. The levels are also divided in style, among them there are meadows and forests, deserts, snow-covered plains, cemeteries, a magical forest with fairies, and a dragon’s lair.

Declared as MMORPG, Trove, of course, has inherent in this genre of farming, the joint passage of bosses and so on. However, the distinctive feature is the ability to craft a huge variety of items, including armor and weapons. But among other things, you can build a house and craft for it interior items. The house can be called in special places, because the world of the game is too huge.

In Trove, there are several classes of characters, but there are only two available for free – it’s either a melee warrior or a shooter. Unfortunately, other classes are bought for donat. The player will be pumped to level 25, however, having several classes in the arsenal, this process can take a long time.

Graphics in the game consists of non-textured voxels, with shaders superimposed on them, and most of the mobs are not terrible, but rather amusing. What makes the game more child-oriented than for an adult audience. In general, the game is worthy of attention to fans of Minecraft, as well as MMORPG.

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